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Tasting Notes

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Completely transparent color with silver shades, apparent high average density, with good adherence to the  crystal and slow tearing. 

 Good aromatic intensity, aromas of agave pineapple are very well expressed, citric notes like lime and grapefruit skin with a slightly smoked background. 


With good expression, friendly and invitingly with an aftertaste of agave pineapple with a smokey touch. 
The dominant notes are the citric ones of grapefruit, tea notes, violet, yellow ?owers, cinnamon, peppermint, with comfortable and generous alcohol, you can enjoy it with good permanence with ten caudalies. Sugested as an aperitif or digestive and accompanying blue cheeses. 

reposado full recorte.png



Clear yellow color with green straw shines, clean and bright with a high adherence to the cup with a slow tearing. 

Pleasant aromas, yellow fruits, some peaches, 
apricot seed, jicama, red chilli, peppermint tea,
anise, yellow and white flowers. 

Mezcal with good atack, nice, 
with a complex jicama aftertaste, 
the notes of tea, anise, chilli, mint that brings in freshness in mouth, eucalyptus, with the agave pineapple present, it is a nice mezcal, soft and easy to drink 
but with a long permanence that enjoys all the aromas and flavors. 
Great quality mezcal Thais has the strength that can be paired 
with a mole, beef and venison.

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